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Stefan Tvrtko I Kotromanić
the King of Serbs, Bosnia and Seaside

Charter to the Republic of Dubrovnik

The original document is kept in the historical archive of Dubrovnik-documents and files of 14th century n. 122.

Translation: Dejan Đurović

Resource: "Boka – collection of works from science, culture and art" nr. 15-16, Herceg Novi 1984., pages nr 475-477.

" I’m very pleased to glorify You just like it should be done with profound faith and to address You with these pious words, oh You holy martyr Stephen. You prayed to God for those who stoned You, saying: "forgive them God, they don’t know what they’re doing". Because of that, oh my sufferer prey to God to my Lord even more for the one who always evoke You and recognize You as the Christ’s victim. For the one who does all the right things for his God invoking Your help because of Your prey I received God’s blessing and I was granted the honour of the king’s scepter of my parents and my Serbian ancestors, rulers and kings. So I rule and correct all defects in my kingdom according to my parents’ life and imperial rules. Doing so I was given the seaside.

The region of Župa Dračevica is the place very suitable to found a town. I called my God then and the holy martyr and archpriest Stephen and I built a town in Holy Stephen’s name on the very place. I named it after the Holy Stephen. My kingdom decided to set there a square for trade in salt.

And that news came to Dubrovnik. Soon after they sent me their ruler, the duke Dragoje Gučić with the request not to establish on that place the trade in salt. He also said that Dubrovnik had old contracts with all rulers of Raška not to open squares for trade in salt anywhere at the seaside except in places where they had already existed. After reading of contracts between Dubrovnik and rulers of Raška not to set new squares for trade in salt except on places where they already existed – my kingdom did not want me to change contracts so I had to confirm the earlier contracts with Dubrovnik. My kingdom expressed deep regret to Dubrovnik claiming: not to ever set a square for trade in salt in that town or beneath it. It was said that all these lines in contract were not to be changed by kingdom or by my son or by any member of my relatives until Dubrovnik or its refinement changes it or lose it in one way or another, they or their children and their successors.

Witnesses of this: court clerk Mirko Radojević, the duke Vlatko Vlković and the duke Pavle Jablanić. It was signed in the year of 1382 after Christ, the second day of December. It was written in Bišće in Podgrada.

+ Stefan Tvrtko, By Lord's mercy The King of Serbs, Bosnia and Seaside.''

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